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The club runs on volunteer effort!

We Need You

In 1969 Ocean Springs Yacht Club was began by a core group of charter members who dedicated their time and effort towards the development of a sailing yacht club. Most of the founding members purchased a Sunfish when the club was formed and did much for the club in the critical early years including helping organize the various races and events.

An example of this commitment is exemplified by Matt and Joanne Grace, charter members who not only purchased a Sunfish at the club’s founding, but also sailed in club sunfish races on Sunday afternoons, sometimes seeing up to 20 or more boats. The club had divisions for doubles and for juniors for these weekly events. At the end of the first year Bache Whitlock handed out handmade trophies (in his back yard because we didn’t have a club yet), they were jelly jars marked with fingernail paint. Matt and Joanne’s son Mark received the “Best Sport” award for his positive attitude in the face of progress.

The philosophy of giving and helping was continued by Mark Grace, also a club member, who donated a sunfish trailer to the club in honor of his parents. The trailer is helping us grow and protect our developing fleet. Many others just like Mark take the opportunity daily to step up and take ownership of our club.

Other non-exclusive examples can be seen all around the club including:

  • Boston Whaler (Past Commodore Dennis Furey and his wife Bonnie)
  • Palm Trees
  • Downstairs Showers
  • Rocking Chairs
  • All of the bar stools and bar tables
  • Bar Purse Rails
  • Large Screen TV in the Bar
  • Hobie and Sunfish Sail boxes and trailers
  • Hobie 17
  • Sunfish 1
  • Shelving Units Sunfish

Nearly everything that you see at the club happens because of volunteers and help is needed throughout the year. You will make friends that will last a lifetime and more importantly, your help makes a difference.

You don’t have to give money to contribute, your time and effort are equally as important. The following is a list of upcoming and long-term projects. Please give of yourself as you are able to help make our mission of becoming the premiere sailing and social club on the gulf coast a reality.

Ongoing volunteerism—

  • Grounds committee—maintenance and repair
  • Pool— maintenance, repair and upkeep
  • Boats—sailboat and sailing grounds maintenance, repair and upkeep
  • Social Events- We need people to take on or assist in the coordination of specific events at the club throughout the year.
  • Examples include Mardi Gras festivities, Derby Day, Halloween parties …. please contact our Club Manager
  • Youth Events– Children are the future of our club, and we need your help to make our youth events roaring successes
  • Regattas and Club Races — These are our focal events providing the opportunity for our sailors to learn and improve as they develop their skills. From weekly “round the buoy” races to our signature distances races, Ocean Springs sailing is the reason that we are here. (Contact: fleetcaptain@osyc.com)

Past and Ongoing Club Projects:

  • Project R.E.D. (Rebar Elimination Day). Saws, torches, and sledge hammers plus motivation made our Rip Rap area safer (completed 09/01/09).
  • Project Wall of Sound. Our below-decks area has been wired, and we have a sound system for poolside music; thanks go out to all who helped to generate the funds to purchase the system.
  • Project Foxtrot Lima (Raising our Flagpole). Former Commodore Furey began work on a beautiful multi-lanyard flagpole for the waterside of the building. We need your help to secure this beauty in the ground.
  • Project Barnacle 2 (Improving the Barnacle Bar). Past Board member Karen Fleming and her family started the project; it was taken forward by Past Commodore Larry Stewart with the addition of a boat bow (named in his honor after his passing in 2013), further improved on by our OSYC member Bill Spigener with the addition of a surrounding deck, and made more colorful by Past Commodore Bob Rashka (go Green Bay Packers!). The now semi-famous “Boat Bar” serves the club well during special events and on pool season/summer weekends.

Capital Improvement Needs:
(These are projects that we need both volunteers and/or funds to make a reality)

  • Project E.D. (Extend our driveway). While the gravel is functional our goal is to gradually extend the cement driveway and sidewalks to make the building more accessible to all.
  • Project Rocks and Roll (removal of bridge debris). We needed swimmers, divers, four wheel drive owners, and a Heavy Equipment operator to help remove the rocks, boulders and remaining submerged re-bar from the water next to and beyond the pier on both sides. The reuslts of this project are best appreciated during low tides; work was completed in January 2010, thanks Mr. Mike Arguelles.
  • So, don’t just sit on the sidelines. Come on out and see what you have been missing and help make OSYC the greatest sailing spot on the Gulf Coast.


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