The OSYC Search Committee and the OSYC Board have come to a conclusion on our new General Manager. I want to thank my colleagues on the Search Committee for doing an outstanding job. The Committee received eighteen resumes. The resumes were vetted for experience and other qualifications. Of all the applicants, the Search Committee narrowed it down to the top four applicants for review.

Our pick is Mr. David Danna. David is the Food and Beverage Director at the Gulfport Yacht Club. He started there in 2021 after moving to the Coast for his new wife, who is from the Coast. Previously he worked as the Food and Beverage Director for the University Club in Baton Rouge for nine years. At the Gulfport Yacht Club, he managed roughly 30 employees. He also spends a significant part of the day interacting with members. David’s interview with the Search Committee lasted around an hour and a half. In that interview, he was incredibly prepared with not only answers to our questions but a lot of questions of his own. He showed the Committee his great organizational skills by showing us the documents he created for the Gulfport Yacht Club including tools for budgeting, calendaring, and event planning. Mr. Danna emphasized that the two most important duties of a yacht club are to provide value for membership and to keep members happy.

Mr. Danna came to visit our Yacht Club at our invitation on Saturday following his interview. He was impressed by how quickly the members came together after the fire and how effectively we were able to use our resources.

Please help me welcome Mr. David Danna to our OSYC family. Tomorrow July 13th will be Mr. Danna’s first day as our General Manager and I have no doubt he will be bringing great ideas to the table!

Nicole McClendon