October 12-13 proved to be a weekend of great fun and competition for the Nacra 20s. 4 boats took the challenge of not only the brisk 10-15 kts winds of Saturday’s competition but also the most challenging 1-6 kts drifter on Sunday.  Truly the best sailors can make a boat move with the least amount of pressure.  Saturday proved to have all you eat sailing with 10 kts winds out of the North gusting to 15+.  We only had one boat that decided to swim this weekend with Andrew and Teri getting wet moments after the first start.  There was plenty of double trapped drama at the turning marks however no casualties and no significant broken parts.  Team Pocreva (Joe and Joey) finished the day with 4 bullets, Andy Humphries and Mark Ederer were never far behind with 3 deuces and trip.  Kani Basami with Ken Altman and Robbie Holstead snatched a deuce and rounded out the day with 3 trips.  Andrew and Teri got to watch from the beach as they dried off.


Day 2 was a very different story.  The wind died to a wispy 1-6 kts North wind and although she was forecasted to swing around to the South, it never happened while we were out there. The drifter brought out the best sailors and Andy and Mark out lasted the fleet with 2 bullets and 2nd on the last race.  Andrew and Teri rose to the occasion and pulled off a magnificent down to the wire 1st place finish in the 3rd and final race of the day.  Team Pocreva eeked out a pair of 2nds and retired on the final race to get the younger Joey back to school in Birmingham.  While it is true he was on a tight deadline to get home, we were getting slaughtered in the last race so this was my excuse 🙂


And finally, none of this would be possible but for the generous support of the race committee.  The venerable Jay Shuman proved flawless in his role as the Race officer and his lovely assistants Jay Williams and Glenn Hughes on the committee boat and the mark boat/photographer for the event was Esteban Romano!  Thank you all for the well run race!


Till next time remember, Sailing makes people happy and we need more happy people.


Joe Pocreva
Vice Commodore
Nacra 20 #5