Important Message From Your Commodore

Joseph Pocreva

I have been reluctant to email an official notice from the OSYC since the details of our particular emergency appear to change as often as the wind.

Let me start this message with the announcement that the Ocean Springs Yacht Club is open for business. We have made the decision to limit the high volume social events such as Wednesday night dinners, Rotary club lunch, Saturday night bar bucks drawing, etc. If you can imagine a high concentration event, it’s been put on hiatus. Our club will remain open for business unless we are directed from local authorities to close. We have employees that depend on this as their sole source of income and I will not jeopardize this unless compelled by the law. If you feel at risk you are responsible for your health and should respond appropriately. If you feel symptoms of a cold please stay home. I won’t waste your time with additional rhetorical statistics you can obtain from the endless news coverage.

I would love to let all of you know about Kay Leggit. Kay called Trisha Callahan (our phenomenal manager) and told her to charge her account $100 in gratuity to be distributed to all the staff since she wouldn’t be coming to the club this month. I think we should all take Kay’s example and patronize ALL of the establishments we utilize. These businesses rely on the day to day income from us. Please consider this overwhelming generosity as a model for yourself. Consider buying gift cards to your businesses. They need your cash now more than ever. I’m quite sure they will honor your purchases in the future when things turn around. Please fight the urge to fear the worst. This will pass just as the green algae from 2019 (remember that?) I’m quite sure there will be members that disagree with this decision. I respect your opinion but you have the ultimate opportunity to exercise your freedom by staying home. The club kitchen is open for take out. We will be extending our menu to EMS, Fire, Police, and hospital personnel in order make this less burdensome. This is a stressful time for everyone and we’ll be here.

I encourage ALL our members to come to the club. Take a walk down our lovely beach. Order some of our phenomenal food and eat on the only seaside deck in Ocean Springs or take it home and enjoy in your Social Distance Atmosphere. I will keep everyone updated as circumstances evolve.

Your Commodore,

Joseph Pocreva
As for me and my boat, we are sailing.

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